Let’s dance, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong

I love to take dance pictures. Specially when I have the chance to experiment, to play with the existing light.

When Crystal and Bosco would dance, I told Susi, let’s follow the light. We keep the camera up and every time we see that light touches their faces on the right way, we shoot.

Bosco surprised Crystal with a song during the reception, just before their dance and dress change. I looooove Susis pictures of Crystal’s reaction when she saw him singing, and also, of course, the perfect light.

Guess these were the best dance pictures we have ever taken, just love them! Enjoy!


Hong Kong Wedding, from pre-wedding to wedding day!

Do you remember a romantic pre-wedding session Susi and I did in Venice a couple of years ago?

Now in January we both had the pleasure to finally photograph their so long planned wedding. For us, being able to be in Hong Kong and learn all about the culture around Hong Kong weddings was really a dream come true.

One thing that has always fascinated me with Asian weddings is the symbology behind every single detail of a wedding day. And of course, by being the nerd I am, I really did a lot of research about them and would love to share to few things I’ve learned with you all. We started to photograph Crystal and Bosco’s wedding the day before, when we just took time to take these beautiful detail shots during sunset. On Saturday, we have followed them from 2am untill 11pm…..yes, almost 24 hours non-stop. Our longest and most exciting wedding day ever! This will then be the first of many posts to come with their beautiful pictures, so we start with the Friday photographs.

During Tea Ceremonies, it’s very common that besides coming with a red envelope with money to the couple, families also come with a piece of jewelry that will bring luck, fortune, and love for the couple in the beginning of their life together.


The dragon & phoenix pair is a classical feng shui cure for keeping (or attracting) the energy of harmonious communication in a marriage.

The energy of the dragon is considered very powerful in traditional feng shui, and almost all classical feng shui applications. The dragon is the most powerful and majestic creature in Chinese folklore. It symbolizes power, indisputable authority and fearsome majesty which are mostly masculine (yang) qualities, and the dragon is the true Yang part of the Yin-Yang energy of the dragon and phoenix couple.

The symbol of the phoenix, on the other hand, seems to evoke the same energy across a multitude of cultures, with always the same meaning – the power of rebirth and deep transformation. The phoenix is the queen of all bird symbols in feng shui, the most revered one. In Chinese folklore, the mythical phoenix is also attributed the qualities of beauty, inspiration and genuine grace (feminine, yin qualities), so the phoenix is the perfect Yin counterpart to the Yang energy of the dragon.


The color of Red in chinese culture usually means good luck. So like the red packet which is given every Chinese New Year, and the red envelopes with money during the tea ceremony in Asian weddings.  Golden or yellow color is traditionally the color used in imperial service. The golden color symbolizes wealth and also happiness.

Red is also a color in Chinese weddings, because in wedding they tend to be happy and by wearing red things, will help the couple who are getting married chasing out the bad luck on the day they’re getting married. Red in here means good luck, happiness, joy, and for the couple, this red color is regarded an energy as red symbolized the Fire element in Chinese metaphysics.

And don’t you just love Crystal’s Laouboutin Shooes in gold and red??? Well, as we can see, we did.



Testing Alien Exposure for post-processing


Decided to test a new post-processing program and have to say that this far, I’m very happy with Alien Exposure. Like in N & B cover picture for their Fine Art Wedding book, which will be printed on Metal, I needed a tone that would be fit for the material used, and I just loooove the way the picture turned out with their Cross-processing Film!

Cool to experiment to get the most beautiful looking pics for my wonderful couples!

Sneak Preview from the first wedding of the year!

Yeah, it’s been a long time since we updated our blog and the reason for that is just that we have been toooooo busy! As you all know, shooting a wedding  for us is not only capturing your best moments of the wedding day. From the moment you book us until the moment you get your pictures, it can be months of pre-wedding preparations and planning and then endless hours of post-processing your pictures so we are sure that each and every one of the pictures looks its best.

That’s what we have been doing since AUGUST 2012 with our wonderful Crystal & Bosco from Hong Kong. We met them for the first time in Venice (do you remember that?) when we picked them up at the train station and took them to their hotel. We spent three days together, not only taking their pre-wedding pictures, but also getting to know them, showing them what we could from the Venetian Cuisine and culture (as our sweet Crystal is a super chef!).

For two years we were slowly getting to know them very well, so when we arrived in HK to shoot their wedding, we just KNEW it would be fantastic !

Susi & I have been putting all the love we have gathered along this time in our post-processing and here you can see a sneak preview of what is soon to come.




Caroline & Per in beautiful Stockholm!

When I was sitting in our studio working on Caroline & Per’s pictures, I noticed that one of my friends who was visiting me that day had stood up behind me and watched me work for a couple of minutes.

”Wow, you really made it this time. The picture agency will be delighted that you could put together such a great group of models for this editorial wedding shoot. A young handsome priest with pink pants??? Only you to come up with this! ahahha…..and the couple!! OMG, how could you make them feel sooo in love??? And where did you find that cutest baby in the world???? The only thing that will be hard to believe is that that gorgeous bride had just had a baby four months before the wedding day. ”

It took me a couple of minutes to understand what she was talking about, but then I just broke into laughter.

”You know that IT IS a real wedding, right???”


Well, I understand why my friend had thought that this was another one of my editorial jobs. When I met C&P for the first time I couldn’t believe what a gorgeous family they were. And the more they told me about their plans, the more I completely fell in love with them, there was not only gorgeousness outside, but also inside. And their wedding day was no different. Gisela and I arrived at Katarina Kyrka an hour before to check the light for our couple shots and it took her no time as well to get int he same ”love-mode” I was into. For the first time, we got to shoot the wedding from behind the priest, and I looooved it! So many great pictures and so many great unforgetable moments captured on camera.


Our couple shooting was planned carefully and the best part of it was that they told us: ”we trust you, you can do whatever you think will be best”. And here you have the result, once again, proving that if the the right couple finds the right photographers, nothing less than great comes out of it!

Sweden & Australia fall in love on a Swedish Island!

Wedding at Ljusterö-Sweden

The hottest day in Sweden. Actually, it’s said that this summer has been the hottest in decades!

On the day Luke & Isabella got married, the temperatures started at 26 degrees and when we were ready for couple shooting before the wedding, they had reached 30 degrees. It was tooooo hot even for our beautiful couple who is used to the warm climate in Australia. Our choice then was to hide inside the tiniest boat house we could find. But even the tiniest coolest (literally) house couldn’t contain the heat between these two.

We sat there and I got lost in a love bubble while I heard them telling me their love story. And the love story was not all. You should have seen all the amazing details of their wedding day. Take Isabella’s wedding dress, for example. She has sown the dress herself AND embroidered  the beautiful chest piece, one by one of all those tiny pieces.

Documenting all the details of the beautiful island where they got married was very important for us, as we usually do whenever we have a destination wedding. This way, Luke & Isabella could show all their international friends who couldn’t make to Sweden, how everything looked like during their special day.

Every year we get to photograph at least one destination wedding between Australia & Sweden……I sit and wonder what is the secret for this mix to work so well. But if you pay attention to the pictures, you can almost guess! ♥



Australian & Swedish Destination Wedding-sneak preview

What a beautiful and hot day we had today in the Swedish Archipelago! Just before I go out to see Rodriguez play, I’m posting you this sneak preview of our gorgeous couple, more will come later on this week…

Wow Photos Origami Owl4 Aug ’13 - 14:32

Beautiful pictures…amazing! Congrats!

A dream Bat Mitzvah in NYC!

What do you do when one of your favourite families asks you to fly to one of your favourite cities in the world and document one of the most important events of their lives?

;-) Yeah, not too hard to figure out the answer. ;-)

Seeing the little girl I met and photographed for the first time when she was around five turning twelve and becoming a woman in God’s eyes, was really emotional. I had to fight my tears when I saw her stand bravely and say her perfect words in front of family & friends. Hadley and her brothers are as old as my own, and it really felt like I was documenting family.

I had never being to a Bat Mitzvah before so every single thing I saw, I just HAD to photograph. Monica Pernal (www.victoriadubin.com) and her staff did a wonderful job organizing the event and decorating the party  in the West Village area. It was really an amazing event and it was a joy seeing Hadley walk around as the happiest girl in the world in this such special day!

Sanaz & Jamie: an international love story

When Sani & Jamie told me they wanted me to photograph their wedding, I knew I had to have two special second shooters with me: Susi Baxter-Seitz, specially ”imported” from Germany, and Laya Sadegh, before she vanished to Australia. Susi was married to an Englishman, which would come very handy when they would be photographing Jamie & his peers getting ready (all from England) and Laya, as she was from Iran as our bride, would be our ”cultural advisor”. And I? Well, I would just be there flowing around and being creative! ;-)

Yes, that’s how much preparation I do when I want the best for my couples, from the complete detailed planning of the day to the perfect photographers that would be helping me out. More than two thousand pictures later, here we are, my favorites of the day. Not an easy task, I must say, but just perfect to let you feel a little bit of the special love that filled the air that beautiful sunny summer day in Smådalarö Gård!